Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rochelle Maria Rao : Family and Lineage

Rochelle Rao’s immediate family consists of twin brothers (late) Noel Rohn Rao and Fritz David Rao, sister Paloma Rao, father Dr Nicolas V Rao (Telugu and German Descent ) and mother Wendy Rao ( Anglo-Indian ).

Her father Dr N V Rao is an advocate of natural healing and a medical consultant on herbal extracts. He is also a keen photographer who has taught photography at Chennai University. Her Mother Wendy Rao is a great supporter of her daughter. She seems to be Rochelle’s unofficial biographer, ensuring that photos of Rochelle’s modeling shows are well documented. Her brother Noel Rohn Rao was a Squad Leader in the United States Maintenance Platoon, Delta Company, 3d Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment. During his 5 years of service, Noel received 11 medals from the US Armed forces. Noel Rao was the first foreign person to become a United States citizen under a new military rule. Noel did multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan where he was recognized as soldier of the month, soldier of the quarter and soldier of the year by the US Army. Noel died in service on Mar 27, 2006 and he is survived by his wife Laura, son Brandon and daughter Mia. Rochelle’s 37 year old brother, David, is Noel’s twin. For many years he lived abroad, but now lives with his family in Tamil Nadu. He is married to Karina and has a young daughter called Nicole.

Her sister Paloma Rao is a well known Chennai based TV Video jockey, actor, host. Before Rochelle got into modeling and the Miss India contest, Paloma was better known in the press than her sister. Rochelle mentions her sister as her Mentor and Inspiration, she has been quoted saying that her sister is also her greatest Adviser and support. It is her sister who taught her how to model and anchor and supported her when she entered the Femina Miss India Pageant. The two sisters are close friends and a well loved pair in Chennai.

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